Briard Dogs

Briards – General Description

Briard DogsBriards are herding dogs with a long slightly wavy double coat. The coat color can be black, tawny or gray. The Briard is a good farm worker thanks to its herding instinct. An exceptional hearing ability enables these dogs to make excellent watchdogs. These dogs are alert and vigorous. They are muscular and strong in bone. Briards display strength and agility typical of herding dogs. The Briard’s chest is broad and deep. The neck is well constructed. The well-feathered tail is uncut. The dog carries its tail low with an upward swirl at the tip. It forms a letter “J” when viewed from the dog’s right side.

The Briard’s muzzle is rather wide. The mustache and beard are the hallmarks of the breed. The dog’s eyes are set apart. They should not be narrow or slanted. The eye color is black or black-brown. Yellow or spotted eyes are a disqualification. Ears are set high and firm at the base. The black nose is squarish. The teeth are strong, meeting in a scissors bite.

  • Height: 24-27 inches
  • Weight: 75 pounds
  • Life Span: 10-12 years

Briard – Temperament

Briard Dogs are smart, obedient and faithful to their master. The Briard tends to display its herding instinct and skills even if it is kept merely as pets. Briards are kind and spirited dogs. Briards are known to possess great memory and a constant desire to please their owner. Briards are usually reserved with strangers. However, Brairds love and are affectionate toward those they know well.


Care Tips

Briards have a coarse coat, which can be compared to the goat’s one. Well-groomed coat sheds very little and dirt does not cling to it. The minimum time needed to have a healthy and attractive dog is two hours a week. Without regular attention, the Briard’s coat can easily become matted. Any excessive hair in the ears and between the pads ought to be carefully removed during the grooming sessions.
Briards – Exercise Requirements

If the Briard is sufficiently exercised, it will do all right in an apartment. Briards love to swim and run beside your bicycle and will accompany you wherever you please. Though Briards are relatively calm dogs indoors, and cannot be called hyperactive, as one might expect it from a herding dog, these dogs do need regular exercise. Bairds are a perfect breed to run or hike with.
Briards – Herding Trials

Herding trials are sets of challenging situations and tasks that should be accomplished in different ways. To participate in herding trails, the Briard should be given a fair amount of training and fitness. As a variety of large herding events, arena trials can be mentioned. They are usually held in a fenced area and are called to stimulate the conditions of a small farm. Open-field trials test the skills that are necessary for a dog to work sheep. Briards are unsurpassed in herding.