How to Determine a True Breeder

Briards can be sold in pet stores. Also, you can obtain these dogs from individual breeders. However, it is necessary to be able to determine a responsible breeder. A true breeder takes a great responsibility for the litters he produces, not only at the moment of the actual purchase, but also long afterwards. A responsible breeder is always ready to help you with advice, if you face any kind of a problem connected with the breed’s health and upkeep.
Whether you are looking for a pet Briard, or you dream of a show quality puppy that will hopefully make an award winner in the future, the standards for responsible breeders are the same. They breed Briards with the appearance that conforms to the standard physically, temperamentally and in terms of health.

A golden rule of any responsible breeder must be to produce healthy, structurally sound, and temperamentally stable dogs. It is a mistake to disregard health and temperament issues and to breed for the structure that is popular in the show ring. A breeding program should be wise, far-reaching and, therefore, well planned.

The fact that this or that breeder is a member of a national club or any other dog-related organization is not necessarily an assurance that the breeder is ethical. There are many questions to be asked and problem areas to be clarified before you make a final decision. Do not purchase a puppy from a pet store or a backyard breeder with a thought that you are saving it. True rescues can give you such an opportunity and you should commit yourself with your eyes open. Responsible breeders of Briards should be knowledgeable on the breed.