Briard Puppy

Briard PuppyIt’s difficult to buy a Briard puppy, because the breed is rare nowadays. It ranks the 109th among the AKC breeds, and there are only a few breeders that produce dogs of this breed for sale. On the other hand, it guarantees a high quality of every puppy produced, because only devoted specialists breed Briard dogs and sell them to the true breed fanciers without relying on impulsive buyers.

After you’ve learnt much on the breed: its keeping and grooming requirements, exercise needs, trainability, and personality, contact a local breed club for breeder references. When you’ve found a breeder you may have to wait for some time, because breeders of rare dogs have waiting lists before the puppies are born. If you want to have a Briard puppy only, be patient.

Tell the breeder what purpose you are buying a Briard puppy for. Breeders know much about the personality and working abilities of their dogs and can recommend the most suited puppy. Every litter has its particular aim. Some bloodlines are good at herding, others make show champions or excellent pets. Though this breed is versatile, there are no ideal dogs well suited for any task.

Briard dogs look very unusual with their long body, long neck, large head, and long wavy coat, but it’s unwise to buy a dog because of its appearance. The first things to pay attention to when you choose a Briard puppy are health, trainability, personality, and working abilities of its parents and other relatives. This breed is very friendly and gentle with the family, but alert with strangers. Briards are good around children of all ages. They make loving companions for the elderly. Some Briard dogs tend to herd the family.

Briard dogs may change their coat color several times during the lifetime. A black or dark red puppy may become paler by three or four months of age. By two years, a puppy may become light tan. At the age of four or five, the color may turn back to deep red or golden. Seeing both parents of the Briard puppy will help you get an idea of its possible adult color.